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New Construction House Cleaning Checklist & Helpful Tips For Cleaning House

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New construction house cleaning checklists are essential for a construction or repair project to clean the dirt and debris around them after completion.

The cleaning up process will be more difficult for busy people to clean all this stuff when they do not know where to start cleaning.

Therefore, to make cleaning easier, this article will provide you with New Construction House Cleaning Checklist, so you can use them to clean up your beloved house quicker.

Through the cleaning lists below, you can not only use it for cleaning after construction but also apply it into your daily cleaning.

So!! Check it out!

New Construction House Cleaning Checklist for Bathroom

Although the bathroom does not take up much space, cleaning helps ensure hygiene for the whole family and increases aesthetics. Therefore, after construction, we need to clean up and pay attention to the bathroom details to ensure hygiene standards.

Post New Construction House Cleaning Checklist for Bathroom
A step-by-step guide to cleaning the bathroom

At the same time, cleaning the bathroom will not take too much of your time, so make sure you do not skip cleaning it through the following checklist:

  • Clean and remove everything from bathtubs, sinks, faucets, adhesives, and dirt.
  • Clean and polish reflective surfaces such as mirrors and faucets.
  • Thoroughly disinfect all bathroom furniture such as sink, bathtub, and shower.
  • The use of detergent support removes dirt on walls and floors.

After Construction Cleaning checklist for Kitchen

Kitchen cleaning tips for cleaning post-construction.
Kitchen cleaning tips for cleaning post-construction

The kitchen is one of the crucial rooms and has to be cleaned after construction due to the high standards of kitchen hygiene that need to be followed.

Besides cleaning the floors and everyday items, the following kitchen cleaning list will help you to clean and check-in more detail:

  • Disinfect and clean all nooks and crannies, and food handling surfaces.
  • Clean sinks and kitchen surfaces with degreasers.
  • Wipe down utensils and equipment in the kitchen, such as cabinets, tables, microwaves, and stoves, and ensure that the appliances are clean inside and out.
  • Clean floors and walls, and remove all trash.

New Construction House Cleaning Checklist for Bedroom

After a tiring day of work, most people go to their bed to relax, and this is also a private space for people to spend time doing individual things. Therefore, cleaning the bedroom is extremely necessary and helps us have a comfortable space.

New Construction House Cleaning Checklist for Bedroom
Clean the bedroom well with this checklist

Here is a list of some things to clean the bedroom:

  • Make the bed and arrange everything.
  • Cleaning inside and outside equipment such as cabinets, lights, fans, and tables must be clean.
  • Wipe off the paint stains on the walls and floors, and spray the room to keep the room smelling fresh.

Post Construction Cleaning Checklist for Other Living Areas

Besides cleaning the rooms listed above, you should also clean other house spaces after construction. The cleaning process will help all areas to be clean and airy. It is similar to cleaning other rooms, including the following:

  • Sweep and clean up paint stains on floors and walls.
  • Vacuum and clean all equipment and items such as tables, chairs, cabinets, and lighting devices.
  • Eliminate items and equipment that are no longer used to help save space.

In addition, to the interior areas, the outside areas also need attention and cleaning to have an attractive exterior.

  • Sweep and clean the aisles.
  • Pick up trash and debris around the house.
  • Get rid of all the items that are no longer in use, avoiding the substance in a specific corner around the house.
  • Decorate and recreate the trees around the house
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Iconic Cleaning service will clean your post-construction house perfectly

In addition to new construction house cleaning checklists, there will also be cleaning services to help you remove the burden.

For instance, Iconic Cleaning provides services to customers from house cleaning services to apartments or offices, such as office cleaning and post-repair cleaning to floor strip, Wax, and Polish and Disinfection Services.

Thus, if you are looking for a house cleaning service after construction, Iconic Cleaning is a perfect choice to help you with cleaning.

Cleaning after construction with Iconic Cleaning Service.
Cleaning after construction with Iconic Cleaning Service

Post-construction cleaning services of Iconic Cleaning will help keep your house clean and well-maintained after construction is completed.

At the same time, Iconic Cleaning also provides a deep cleaning service, primarily focusing on stains on the wall and ceiling areas and hard-to-clean places to remove stains.

Iconic Cleaning’s post-construction cleanup process not only cleans the interior rooms of your home but will also include clearing debris, dust, and waste left over from the construction process. This cleaning will be done until the dirt is removed and your house is clean.


Hopefully, you can clean the areas properly through the article above after referring to these post-construction hygiene checklists. At the same time, you can also use the service of Iconic Cleaning to help you with the cleaning job while ensuring your home is always clean and tidy.

For more information about construction cleaning services, please get in touch with 087 395 6099 or the Iconic Cleaning website. We are always willing to serve you!