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Concrete Floor Cleaning Checklist and All You Need to Know

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Concrete floor cleaning checklist recommended types of cleaners and recommendations you are looking for to clean concrete floors effectively.

The concrete floor cleaning tips below will help you clean concrete floors effectively with helpful recommendations from the top cleaning service in Dublin.

Concrete floors can be everywhere you go
Concrete floors can be everywhere you go

Why Should You Maintain Your Concrete Floor Regularly?

Concrete is a hard surface that withstands regular wear and tears. It also provides a natural flooring solution for indoor areas.

But it does not come without disadvantages, as it may crack if not maintained regularly.

Maintaining your concrete floor can be done by following these steps:

  • Check the temperature of the water before pouring it onto the surface
  • Rinse the surface with water to wash off any dirt or dust
  • Scrub away all dirt and grime with diluted, soapy water – Allow drying before applying any sealant or wax

The following section will help you understand the most efficient way to deep clean the concrete floor and reveal a little secret from our concrete floor cleaning checklist.

How To Deep Clean Concrete Floors?

You may be wondering why it’s necessary to clean concrete flooring thoroughly. Concrete floors generate a lot of dust that clings to the air daily. So, deep cleaning the concrete floors is inevitable.

Concrete floors generate a lot of dust that clings to the air daily
Concrete floors generate a lot of dust that clings to the air daily

Deep cleaning concrete floors are time-consuming but will give your feet a thorough deep clean. Maintaining regular floor cleaning can help your floors last longer and stay clean.

Restore your concrete floor like new

After being thoroughly cleaned, the old floors show signs of deterioration and need to be restored. Maybe it’s time for your floor to be polished again.

Do not worry!

Concrete specialists will help improve your flooring to become as clean and shiny as new with deep and professional recovery methods.

We have a little tip for you.

Clean the substances spilt on the floor as quickly as possible. This will help the floor not to stain the surface.

The basic cleaning can be done on its own. Still, suppose you can’t do it alone. If your project needs particular attention, don’t be afraid to hire a professional in the concrete floor cleaning support field.

To summarize, your recommended concrete floor cleaning list is as follows:

  • Please clean concrete floors regularly.
  • Deep cleaning with special detergents for concrete floors.
  • Polish the concrete floor if necessary

Besides cleaning the concrete floor, how do maintain the concrete floor to be beautiful and long-lasting? But the following suggestion is the answer you need.


What Equipment Should I Use To Clean Concrete Floors?

For decorative concrete floors, neutral pH detergents are considered the best option. In addition, you can ask for advice from the experts about effective cleaning equipment.

We have some suitable detergent suggestions on the concrete floor cleaning checklist:

  • Neutra Clean Neutralizer and Degreaser: This cleanser has a low VOC. It has the advantage of not containing toxic solvents and is very user-friendly for construction. In addition, Neutra Clean is formulated to remove grease, soil, and dirt,… It is perfect for cleaning yellow-stained concrete.
  • Brickform Neutra Clean: This cleaning product is introduced as environmentally friendly. It is ideal for cleaning dirt, grease, scratches, and stains on concrete materials, mortar, and grinding stones.
  • Concrete Cleaner: This detergent has advantages such as no unpleasant odour, being safe to use with mechanical scrubbers, and cleaning equipment, which is great for daily cleaning. This bleach is also used at the maximum intensity or diluted for light cleaning.
  • SureFinish Wax: This is an industrial floor wax product. It provides special coating protection and durable floor protection with an anti-field finish.
  • Easy Shine: this type of concrete cleaning remover has a low VOC content, has a slight smell, and is very user-friendly for construction. It is formulated to repel the gums and reduce scratches and tarnish. In addition, it helps protect and maintain closed concrete and many other finishing substrates.

Although the above suggestions are specific for cleaning concrete floors, you should be careful with detergents.

You should avoid cleaning products that can react with concrete that wears out the surface and disrupt the concrete’s structure, such as ammonia, citrus, bleach, vinegar, pine cleaners, etc.

For cleaning concrete without chemicals, steam floor cleaners are an optimal and recommended option.

Small fibre wipes are used to dry and moisten the concrete floor. You can remove stubborn stains on the floor with warm water and dishwashing soap. Then use a hairbrush to clean.

Suppose your concrete flooring is spacious and you have no experience choosing concrete cleaners.

In that case, the advice for you is to find reputable concrete floor cleaning services and be guided by experts to ensure your concrete flooring does not get worse. This also helps you avoid wasting time without the desired results.

How do You Maintain a Concrete Floor?

Sure, polished concrete floors are more durable than other concrete floors because it does not require fillings or waxes.

Although durable, it still needs to be cleaned and maintained correctly. With a concrete floor cleaning checklist, polished concrete can retain shininess and durability for many years:

You should regularly remove dirt and dry it with a mop.

You can deep clean with a neutral detergent. These substances will help clean the floor surface and prevent stains.

You can also use extra layers of floor protection to increase the durability of the concrete floor.

Although maintained regularly, the floor will lose its Shine over time of use and depending on the level of circulation.

You need to polish the surface with a commercial polishing compound. In case of having to repair more, the floor can be lightly polished with a fine abrasive substance.


Need a Concrete Floor Cleaning Service? Do Contact us!

We understand your difficulties in cleaning concrete floors. That’s pretty time-consuming and labour-intensive, especially for large concrete floors. You can’t clean concrete floors alone without any help.

Concrete floor cleaning is essential, and it is advisable to include a concrete floor cleaning checklist on your regular cleaning list. If your floor requires professional cleaning or restoration, call us.

Iconic Cleaning has an effective surface floor cleaning service from concrete professionals, experienced personnel, and professional workers.

You can also ask for a proposal and learn more about our services or previous projects. We are always here and ready to support you!