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How To Clean Wood Floors At Home and Best 5 Maintenance Tips

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Wooden floor is considered one of the most durable and long-lasting floors. However, in order to keep it clean and new as original, you still need to clean it and pay attention to the floor restoration on a regular basis.

With the purpose of making sure that the cleaning wooden floor tasks can become less difficult for you, below are some of the best tips for cleaning wooden floor that you should know about.

Define what kind of your wooden floors

First of all, you need to define what is the right type of wooden floors, since it allows you to select the most appropriate cleaning method and eliminate every stain right away. Before you start cleaning your wooden floors, it is necessary for you to do this. Consider the type of wooden floors by evaluating the list of wood flooring below.

Parquet Wood Floors

Parquet wood flooring is incredibly popular right now. It can be found in the most fashionable kitchens and living rooms around the country.

Parquet is made up of small solid wood pieces set in a pattern, most typically herringbone, but any flooring design made up of smaller blocks is called parquet.

Parquet wood floors, similar to solid wood boards, can be difficult to install for those who do it themselves. Many people, especially those on a budget, use luxurious vinyl tiles to mimic the look of hardwood floors.

Parquet Wood Floors

Laminate Wood Floors

Laminate flooring is comprised of compressed fiberboard planks with a photographic wood-effect picture on the top layer. A clear protective coating is applied on top of this.

On the plus side, laminate flooring is significantly less expensive than solid or engineered wood flooring, albeit a little more money will get you a lot more convincing and natural-looking product.

Laminate may be used almost anyplace in the house, but if you want to use it in the bathroom, make sure you get a fibreboard-based laminate that is water and humidity resistant.


Laminate Wood Floors

Engineered wooden floors

Engineered wooden floors are comprised of three or four layers of wood that are fortified together to shape a 14mm thick board.

It incorporates a genuine wood facade on top that is around 4mm thick, so assuming that it gets scraped, worn, or harmed, it should be sanded back and treated to reestablish the first look. It may be supplied with a ‘click-and-lock’ installation that eliminates the need for adhesive. The glue will be required for tongue-and-groove versions.

Engineered wooden floors

Solid wooden floors

Each solid wooden floor is produced from a single piece of 18-20mm thick wood. Tongue-and-groove is the most common method of installation. Every type of wood has a hardness rating that reflects how quickly it can be damaged, dented, or worn over time.

The number of times you can sand solid wood flooring to restore the finish is controlled by how deep the tongue is placed from the top of the board.

Tips for cleaning wooden floor

Wooden floors can be durable and have a nice-looking appearance. However, they are relatively difficult to keep clean. Check out our 5 tips below to make wooden floor cleaning easier.

Don’t be dependent on harsh detergents

Chemicals and harsh cleaners must be avoided at all costs. While some people swear by Murphy’s Oil Soap, it can produce a buildup on the finish of your floors and leave a sticky residue that makes footprints and streaks more obvious.

Remember to sweep or vacuum high traffic areas

Another tip for cleaning wooden floors is that you need to sweep or vacuum high traffic areas once a day.

For this task, a simple old-fashioned broom and dustpan will be enough for you to accomplish this effectively.

If you’re vacuuming, make sure to pick a setting that’s meant for hard floors (the rotating bristles that do such a great job at cleaning carpets can scratch or damage wooden flooring).

Remove stains immediately

It is important for you to remove stains right away when it comes to cleaning wooden floors. Keep in mind that you should attempt to clean up any spills as soon as possible, or else they will simply gather additional filth and become more difficult to clean as time passes. For additional information, see our guide to removing stains from wood.

Invest in an area rug

Invest in an area rug

Using a rug to preserve your hardwood floors is one of the easiest and most attractive ways to do it. In the same way that furniture pads protect hardwood floors from scratches, area rugs do the same. They also collect dust and filth that your doormats miss. Simply be sure they don’t have a rubber or synthetic latex backing or a rough exterior that could scratch or damage the hardwood.

Avoid steam cleaners

Steam cleaners are a typical family device that disinfects your floors by utilizing fume cleaning. Steam cleaners can possibly harm strong wood floors, causing staining, finish changes, distorting, and breaking.

Sweep, mop (carefully, don’t use too much liquid), and hoover on a frequent basis to preserve the finish as beautiful as possible, rather than collecting dirt.

Tips for maintaining your wood floor

The effects of changing weather can take their tools on your wooden floor. If you don’t spend time and effort to maintain your laminate flooring on a regular basis, it will eventually be damaged.

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) has some helpful hints for keeping your floors looking great for years to come.

Establish a wood floor maintenance schedule

You will not become overwhelmed if you keep up with your wood floor maintenance schedule. Begin with a weekly cleaning schedule.

Don’t be scared to clean more frequently—dusting may be enough for any type of everyday maintenance.

Cleaning on a weekly basis is considerably more crucial up north. Over time, ice, snow, and mud can wreak havoc on a wood floor.

Get rid of Steam Mops or Cleaners

One effective for maintaining your wood floors is that you should never utilize a steam mop or cleaner on your wood floors. We’ve heard a few weird tales about how individuals have utilized them to clean their floors.

While sealed floors are probably going to endure it, many designed floors contain pastes and holding synthetics that might be compromised. You might also find that some portions of your “sealed” wood floor don’t hold up well to such treatment.

In the event that you utilize a steam mop on a cover floor, the edges of the top layer may thoroughly rise, bringing about a totally damaged surface.

At last, that is not a training we empower; it’s ideal to thoroughly keep away from them. That’s not a practice we encourage; it’s best to avoid them totally.

Dust and hair should be removed regularly

In order to maintain your wood floor, you need to remove dust and hair regularly. You can vacuum the area and wipe the sanded parts with a tack cloth to eliminate any dust. If a stray hair becomes embedded in dry polyurethane and you still have at least one coat to go, carefully sand over the hair with a very fine (320) abrasive. If possible, carefully dig out the hair with a pin or fingernail. Then resand with the same fine abrasive, being careful not to break through the stain layer. The hair mark will almost vanish after re-coating with poly.

Utilize sealer

A sealer coat isn’t usually necessary, but it might help assure level stain coverage if your floor absorbs stain unevenly. Apply stain to a location that will not be visible after the furniture is reassembled to see if this is the case. It is critical to uniformly apply the sealer. Otherwise, after staining hardwood floors, “holidays” (skipped portions), stop marks, and lap markings may show through.

Don’t forget the corners

Another things that you should keep in my is that: Don’t forget the corners. Sand near baseboard moldings with a palm sander, but remove any old finish with a sharp scraper or putty knife if the sander misses any old finish areas. Scrapers make it possible to get into tight spaces (around board edges, at butt joints) without having to sand a lot of material away.


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