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School Playground Flooring And Things You Shouldn’t Miss

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Are you looking for ideas to change the school playground flooring? Do you want to choose the best playground flooring?

School playground flooring is essential to a school, especially elementary and preschool. Children need a wonderful, safe, creative space to play and grow.

And pick the suitable ideas is the first step.

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Top 3 Stunning Ideas For School Playground Floor Worldwide

To build a great school playground, we need exciting ideas. Here are 3 stunning views of school playground floors worldwide that we want to share with you:

Map the world

If you find a playground with standard textures too dull, make a map of the playground. The map can be a state, a continent or the entire world. Maps are not only decorative graphics but also help children better understand geography.

Map the world school playground flooring
Map the world school playground flooring

Lay out a sensory path

In addition to decorative motifs, your school can draw dance steps or a particular game on the floor’s surface. It feels fun, and students can join the game at any time.

Universe playground

In addition to world maps and games, schools can draw the universe, planets, stars and stars on the floor’s surface to stimulate students’ imagination. They can study the vast universe during their breaks.

Universe school playground
Universe school playground

What Criteria Do You Need To Choose The Safety School Playground Floor?

Once you have an idea, choose the best school playground flooring. Critical fall height, surface traction, durability, environmental factors and the warranty period are essential factors that determine the quality of the playground floor. You need to rely on them to make the right decisions.

Surface Traction

Outdoor school playgrounds need to pay much attention to this factor.

It affects the slippage of the floor surface. Some floor surfaces have excellent traction when dry but do not perform well when wet, meaning the floor becomes slippery when it is wet.

Therefore, if it rains or the floor is wet, resulting in low floor traction, it is easy to injure students due to slips and falls.


Endurance affects the student’s play experience and the school’s budget. The floor surface is not durable enough and will cause the material to degrade quickly, affecting users’ safety.

In addition, the school also has to spend a large amount of money on maintaining or replacing the floor. Therefore, you should choose school playground floors that are durable and resistant to abrasion.

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Environmental Factors

Environmental factors usually do not have too much influence on the choice of playground flooring. However, for outdoor playground flooring types, you must pay close attention to this factor.

Various school playground floor to choose from
Various school playground floor to choose from

Calculations for water drainage and heat resistance need to be made to prolong the life and quality of the floor. Therefore, you should choose school playground flooring based on the local climate.

Warranty Period

The school needs a long-term warranty for the playground floor from the supplier. This is a long-term investment and requires a warranty to confirm the quality of the product.

Another factor

In addition to the main factors affecting the quality and life of the floor mentioned above, other factors such as floor appearance, maintenance, and accessibility are also worth considering.

The more elements you consider, the more perfect the flooring you choose will be.

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3 Common Types Of School Playground Floor

You can refer to some common types of school playground floors below to get the best choice for your school.

Poured-In-Place Rubber

Poured-In-Place Rubber is considered a highly safe playground floor.

In addition to the familiar name, it is also known as poured rubber or PIP. This floor type consists of 2 layers, one layer of shock-absorbing rubber nightly, and the other is a fine surface finish.

This type of floor has a smooth surface and safe for kids when impact occurs. The life of this type of flooring is also very long when adequately maintained.

Poured-In-Place Rubber has the most safety surface
Poured-In-Place Rubber has the most safety surface

Although there are many advantages and safety, the price is a factor many people must consider.

Poured-In-Place Rubber has a very high material and installation cost. It is rated as one of the most expensive playground floors.

Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch is flooring that can be supplied to schools in various unique colours.

It is greatly appreciated with a rubber coating made of recycled rubber pads and bonded with high-performance polyurethane.

More than just an attractive look, this school playground flooring has a soft, safe surface and reduces the risk of injury.


Grass is prevalent in all kinds of sports fields. Turf is a floor that looks like the real thing but is much easier to maintain and safe.

The school will have a green yard without spending much time watering or taking care of the lawn.

The durability of this floor surface is also higher than that of natural grass. Turf is UV resistant, so you can be assured of colour fastness.

Overall Types Of School Playground Floor Comparison Table:

 Poured-In-Place RubberRubber MulchTurf
Pros– ADA Compliant
– Non-toxic
– Low slip
– Safety for users in the event of an impact
– Long life
– Various colors
– Durable, anti-vandalism, quite long life
– Cost savings for investors
– Simple installation
– Reduce the risk of injury when falling
– Various colors
– ADA Compliant
– Non-toxic
– Low slip
– High drainage efficiency
– Does not release VOCs during use
– Like real grass without care and maintenance
– Create natural, interesting shapes
Cons– Inefficient drainage
– VOC release at high-temperature
– Color fades over time
– Expensive
– Creates a Carbon Black color that stains skin and clothes
– Not suitable for playgrounds of small children who will crawl
– Risk of thermal burns at high temperatures
– High installation and replacement costs
– Absorb heat in summer
– Low-quality turf, not like real grass, not safe


Choosing the best school playground flooring is not an easy task. In addition to the idea of creating unique playgrounds, you need to pay attention to the evaluation factors as well as the appropriate flooring types.

Hopefully, by sharing this article, you can find the most suitable flooring for your school.