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Gymnasium Floor Maintenance: Expert Tips for Hardwood Care

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School gym flooring needs regular cleaning and maintenance because the number of people accessing and using this type of flooring daily is very high.

In addition, to the quality of the floor and environmental factors, the cleaning also affects the life and appearance of the gymnastics floor.

In particular, the hardwood floors in school gyms often take more care.

So, how to clean hardwood school gym flooring effectively? Check out Iconic Cleaning complete floor care and cleaning tips below!

6 Tips for Cleaning Hardwood School Gym Flooring

A tiny act of you can make the whole school gym flooring cleaning process easier and more effective. Here are some tips you can apply when cleaning hardwood floors in the gym.

Use cleaning tools exclusively for sports areas

In addition, to receive a large number of sports players regularly access, other things such as dirt, sweat and fat in the human body escape when exercising.

After a day, even a shorter time, the school gym flooring needs to be cleaned to protect the quality of the floor.

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Specific machine will be needed when you clean the school gym flooring
Specific machine will be needed

You need specialized cleaning tools for sports areas, including detergents, with hardwood floors.

If the quality of cleaning tools and detergents is not up to standard, it can damage the wooden floor and its outer coating.

Use a microfiber dust mop every day

Dust will quickly accumulate on the surface of school gym flooring, making the floor rough or slippery, which can be dangerous for sports players and affect the floor’s life.

Therefore, you need to clean the floor regularly, preferably daily. Using a microfiber dust mop is the best option for removing dust on hardwood floors.

You can use the microfiber dust mop without additional tools if it’s just for normal daily floor cleaning. It will help you clean fine dust absolutely.

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Use just enough detergent for each cleaning

Cleaning agents that are too strong can damage the floor’s surface and affect the floor’s quality.

Although hardwood floors have a hard surface, they can also wear out if you mix the wrong detergent ratio. You should not increase the detergent ratio to remove stubborn stains on the floor surface.

Choose the right detergent ratio when cleaning school gym floor
Choose the right detergent ratio when cleaning school gym floor

To remove stubborn stains, we need to identify the source of the colour and then have a different cleaning method.

Using too much detergent will only make the condition of hardwood school gym flooring more serious.

Wet cleaning recommended

As mentioned above, exercise or sports all make players sweat a lot. Sweat contains a lot of body oil with high salt and protein content.

When it falls on the floor and accumulates for a long time, if you only clean the floor with standard dry cleaning methods, you will not be able to clean it thoroughly.

Wet cleaning is what experts recommend when cleaning school gym flooring. You can use detergent mixed with the correct ratio of water to clean the floor. Dust and stains are safely and gently removed.

However, the waterproof surface will be pretty slippery when cleaned on wet hardwood floors. Therefore, you should let the floor dry before using it.

Regular maintenance

No matter how good the cleaning methods you have, if the floor is already damaged, it will not be able to remove stains and bacteria.

Because it is a gymnasium floor, it is inevitable to create scratches during practice.

Therefore, regular floor maintenance is required to help your school gym flooring cleaning process go faster and more efficiently.

Clean the school gym floor regularly to ensure it is unslippery
Clean the school gym floor regularly to ensure it is unslippery

While school gym floors don’t suffer the same level of wear and tear and abuse as professional gym floors, you must plan regular maintenance.

Not only does it make cleaning faster and more efficient, but it also helps prolong the floor’s life.

Repaint every year, strengthen the protective layer

The top coat will be where dust and dirt accumulate. It is like a layer of armour that protects the floor and is the appearance of the entire floor.

Therefore, you must schedule repainting annually, preferably quarterly, to strengthen the outer layer.

You can also strengthen the protective layer to make the coating more durable and beautiful. Your hardwood floors will be much more robust and easier to clean.

Who Can Help You Clean the School Gym Effectively?

Maybe your school is cleaning its own school gym flooring or hiring individual cleaners to clean it daily. The tips we share can make the cleaning process more efficient and safer.

However, to ensure everything is finished best, you should find yourself a floor cleaning contractor.

Not only do they offer a wide range of floor cleaning services, but they also know how to clean the floor effectively and best for the floor.

When hiring cleaning service providers, you will feel more secure. In addition to extensive floor cleaning experience, these contractors have commitments and insurance.

Iconic Cleaning is the best school gym floor cleaning service
Iconic Cleaning is the best school gym floor cleaning service

If you are looking for a cleaning contractor for school gym flooring, Iconic is the name we would like to introduce. They have not only various services but also prestige and quality.

You can optionally choose the floor cleaning packages depending on your needs. Experience the improvement of your gym hardwood flooring.

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Final Words

Cleaning school gym flooring is not difficult, but if there are some valuable tips, the cleaning process will be faster and more effective.

In this article, we have shared with you typical tips that can both protect the floor and clean the floor effectively.

Hopefully, these shares will give you a durable and beautiful hardwood floor.