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School Floor Restoration: Process, Applications & Our Service

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It is true that in order to keep the school floors in good condition and maintain its durability for a long period of time, you need to pay a great amount of attention to the school floor restoration process.

In this article, Iconic Cleaning will introduce to you everything that you need to know about the school floor restoration process, with the purpose of making sure that your school floor restoration procedure is less difficult.

Our School floor restoration process

Parquet flooring, mosaic finger block flooring, wide pine flooring boards, strong beech and oak flooring are well known in grade schools, universities, and colleges. These floors can endure a ton of misuse! Many hyperactive youths run around the school’s furniture, spilling drinks, conveying stones in the soles of their shoes, and for the most part destroying what is, or can be, an exquisite component of the school. All of this happens on a daily basis.

Therefore, in order to clean and restore your school floors effectively, you can refer to Iconic Cleaning’s school restoration process. Below is everything that you need to know about our school floor restoration process.

  1. Discuss and fix the schedule with our customers: With a team full of well-trained and seasoned staff, we can work around your schedule to clean your school floors professionally, efficiently, and affordably.
  2. Remove all types of stubborn stains from your school floors: After our schedule has been fixed, we will come to your school and begin our school floor restoration process by removing all types of stubborn stains that are hard to get rid of from your school floors, including: food stains, foot print, ink, sweat mark and so on.
  3. Clean floor in a wide variety of areas in your school: Finally, we move to clean your school floors in different areas by taking advantage of specific technique that replaces water with a safe solution that sweats dirt from the floors while also cleaning them.

For more information, please visit our website, Iconic Cleaning to discover more about our cleaning services.

Restore floor in different areas in school

Since the school’s size is very huge, it is important for you to pay attention to the school floor restoration process in different areas. What are the most crucial parts of the school that require special care and cleaning?


The classroom has always been one of the most significant parts in the school. Keeping your classroom clean is one of your crucial obligations, especially during flu season, with the purpose of eliminating the chance of germs and bacteria spreading.

Classroom cleaning, therefore, is an important task in the school floor restoration process. Below are several tips for effective classroom floor cleaning.

  • Vacuum the classroom floor carefully: You need to dust or vacuum the classroom floor from the back of the room furthest from the door to the front. Continue sweeping without raising the dust mop or vacuum off the floor, and maintain the mop or vacuum’s leading edge the same.
  • Use a neutral cleaner is a good option: For the classroom floor, a neutral cleaner (pH of 7) is a wonderful option because it is less harmful to the environment and leaves no hazy residue.
  • Make the flooring sparkle: Germs love carpets and hard surfaces like linoleum, particularly in high-traffic areas like rooms, gyms, and cafeterias. Check to see if your janitorial staff includes this step in their usual cleaning routine.
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School Floor Cleaning


Cleaning and restoring restroom is also very important in the school floor restoration procedure. So, how to clean the restroom appropriately to ensure it appears glamorously?

  • Floors should be clean and dry: To avoid slips and falls, make sure floors are swept regularly and any standing water is removed. Floors should be cleaned and disinfected to remove filth and scuff marks.
  • Microfiber cleaning materials ought to be utilized (versus cotton and rayon), since microfiber is more permeable than cotton.
  • Pay attention to the number of chemicals: On the school restroom floors, remember to double-check that you’re using the correct amount of chemicals. It’s critical to be precise with the dilution ratio when mixing your cleaner with water from concentrate. Keep in mind that additional chemicals do not mean that you will have a cleaner floor.
  • Clean the restroom floor regularly: You should clean the school restroom floors consistently to keep them more appealing for a longer period of time . However, you additionally need to give them more thorough, profound scrubbings with proficient grade gear on a regular basis. Particularly assuming that you have tile floors with grout.
Restroom Cleaning


The kitchen and cafeteria floors can get greasy, increasing the risk of slips and falls. Therefore, you need to clean these areas carefully to ensure the safety of the students. You can follow several tips below for school cafeteria cleaning.

  • Use a dust mop and a damp mop: Clear the cafeteria floor with a dust mop and gather the particles with an entryway brush and dustpan. Then you can clean under the tables, along the baseboards, and some other hard-to-arrive at spots utilizing a damp mop.
  • Clean and sterilize the floor on a daily basis: Pay attention to cleaning the cafeteria floors regularly based on the safety standards to fully clean up any spills and get rid of stains.
Cafeteria Cleaning

School gyms

VCT, wood, sheet rubber, or any synthetic material can be used for athletic flooring. Student safety should be a key priority, regardless of its diversity. Thus, school gyms also require care and appropriate cleaning. Your school gym area cleaning and restoration can become less difficult if you follow these tips below.

  • Dust mop regularly: First of all, you need to dust mop regularly when it comes to the school gym floors. Dust mop on a regular basis with a water-based solution, avoiding any oil-based treatments that could leave a harmful slippery residue.
  • Excess moisture should be avoided: Excess wetness will not only ruin your school gym floor, but it can also put individuals in danger by causing them to slip and fall. Excess moisture on the floor should be avoided, whether it’s from students tracking it in on their shoes or excessive water from over-mopping the surface.
  • Weekly deep cleaning: The school gym floor should be thoroughly cleaned once a week. That means getting the scrubbers and buffers out to get the floor sparkling clean. To keep your school gym flooring finished, use the cleaning chemicals indicated for your flooring type.
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Why should you choose us for your school floor restoration?

With a well trained and seasoned team, Iconic Cleaning will bring to you the best service and optimal process for your school floor restoration. There are several more reasons that you should choose us to help you restore your school floors.

Well-trained employees

To ensure that we can bring the best services and make our customers satisfied, our school cleaning employees receive the necessary training and are monitored to ensure that they follow the essential criteria in order to provide a high-quality cleaning service. The proper use of cleaning agents and materials is also covered in task training, which is closely supervised by on-site monitoring.

Safe cleaning products

Our customers’ safety has always been our top priority. Therefore, we utilize environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals, and if you have a particular requirement for the cleaning equipment and substances, we can adjust to your demands immediately before starting our school restoration process.

High level of service

Our Industrial Cleaning Services is known for providing a high level of service to our clients and meeting their individual needs. Our teams can work around your schedule to clean your school floors correctly, efficiently, and economically.