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7 Questions You Better Ask The Floor Cleaning Contractors

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Are you preparing to negotiate with a floor cleaning contractor but don’t know what to ask? What questions should be asked?

The floor cleaning contractors will provide different services and quality.

To choose the right cleaning contractor, you must ask them questions. Refer to the questions you should ask when hiring a floor cleaning contractor below to make the best choice!

Top 7 Questions You Must Ask The Floor Cleaning Contractors

To determine if a floor cleaning contractor’s services are appropriate, use these questions:

What Commercial Cleaning Services Do You Offer?

Most cleaning companies offer various cleaning services to meet the needs of their customers.

Not only cleaning the floor, but they do have others services
Not only cleaning the floor, but they do have others services

However, some floor cleaning contractors only focus on providing cleaning services for a specific type of floor.

You should ask questions about the services they offer to see if there’s something in that category that you need.

This question will also help you see if the contractor’s scope of cleaning includes windows, toilets or other specific areas.

What Additional Services Do You Provide?

Tailored service factors only provide and focus on their core service, i.e. they will not provide additional services.

Suppose you are looking for additional services like laundry, seasonal cleaning (winter or flood), etc., in addition to regular cleaning. In that case, you need to ask this question.

Additional services will usually cost an additional fee. Asking about it in the first place saves you from incurring unexpected costs.

How about pricing and payment? 

Make sure you pay a reasonable fee to the floor cleaning contractor you will work with. To do that, you should ask them about the included price of the service packages, surcharges, and possible costs and agree on a payment method.

Pricing and payment is an essential factor - floor cleaning
Pricing and payment is an essential factor

Clarifying the fees to pay helps you plan cleaning contractors effectively and without paying any useless hidden fees.

Unifying payment methods right from the start also helps avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

How long does it take to? 

Time is another crucial factor you need to consider; for example, how long does it take them to clean your entire floor? How many times a week do they clean?

Cleaning time will affect the operation of businesses and organizations, so you need to fix the working time with the cleaning contractor.

Time-consuming is needed to be concern
Fast and quality is the top factor

We are definitely sure that you will need the FAST – QUALITY – RESPONSIBLE floor cleaning service, I bet. This is why you have to care for the time-estimated from the cleaning providers, from that you could decide whether they suit your needs or not.

Do They Have Proper Insurance Coverage?

Currently, most floor cleaning contractors offer insurance for their services to attract and retain customers. However, you need to know precisely if their insurance is right for you.

Who will be responsible for any problems between the two parties during the cooperation process? You need to know if they will compensate for damage to the company’s equipment and facilities when damaged. And if anything happens to their cleaning staff at your facility, you should be held accountable.

What Clients Have You Worked With?

To know the quality of their service and ability to work, you can ask the cleaning contractor about previous and current customers.

If the previous customers continue to cooperate or have large customers, their ability to work is excellent.

What Clients Have You Worked With

What Are the Previous Client’s Reviews?

The most practical factor that helps you better understand floor cleaning contractors is their previous customer reviews.

These assessments will show the contractor’s weaknesses, strengths, and quality of services and products. You will know if they are a reliable partner or not.

Final Words

Floor cleaning is not an easy job. In addition to many different stages, cleaning methods and quality, choosing the right floor cleaning contractor is challenging for many businesses.

In this article, we have shared the complete list of questions to help you find the right cleaning contractor. Hopefully, through these shares, you will have the best choice!