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Why Choosing an Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning Business?

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Cleaning that is environmentally friendly is crucial, especially at work. Limiting the amount of chemicals used to clean carpets and other office supplies will reduce the amount of chemicals your employees are exposed to on a daily basis, regardless of how big or small your office is.

Therefore, when selecting a commercial cleaning business, use one that will maintain your workplace’s sustainability, cleanliness, and safety.

Why do Iconic Cleaning prioritize this method, and how do eco-friendly products help?

Read through to look at some of the benefits of investing in Eco-friendly cleaning.

What Products are Used for Eco-friendly Cleaning?

Currently, many conventional cleaning products contain harmful chemicals with the potential to bioaccumulate, leaving traces of accumulation in the bodies of people who come into daily contact with the freshly cleaned office.

On the other hand, eco-friendly cleaning uses low-toxicity chemicals, natural cleaners, organic ingredients, and biodegradable materials, which improves your office’s air.

Eco-friendly cleaning uses low-toxicity chemicals - Commercial Cleaning Business
Eco-friendly cleaning uses low-toxicity chemicals

Benefits of choosing Sustainable Commercial Cleaning Business

While some people might not notice a difference between the two cleaning methods, green cleaning is more advantageous.

These are a few advantages of having a Sustainable commercial cleaning business:

Cost Saving:

Going green is often perceived by businesses as being more expensive. Still, green cleaning is much more affordable than people realize.

Currently, the price of sustainable cleaning supplies is comparable to that of standard ones, and some organic products are even less expensive.

Additionally, green practices boost recycling while lowering water and energy costs, resulting in significant business savings.

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Enhances the Quality of Indoor Air:

According to research, chemical cleaning products frequently cause symptoms and conditions associated with asthma.

Utilizing more environmentally friendly products will improve the air quality in your workplace, enhancing both employee health and happiness.

Utilizing more environmentally friendly products - Commercial Cleaning Business
Utilizing more environmentally friendly products

Preserving Floors and Furniture:

The floor and furniture in your office will deteriorate faster if you use harsh, toxic cleaners. Utilizing organic products safeguards the assets of your business.

  • Using secure products and procedures benefits both your company’s contractors and staff. Green cleaning products are hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and non-toxic.
  • Too many chemicals in cleaning products will affect your employees’ health issues.

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Better for the health and comfort of your employees:

The positive effects it has on employees are one of the main advantages businesses who adopt green cleaning practices experience.

Tips for Maintaining a Clean and Green Office

Employees, office buildings, and cleaning contractors can benefit from green cleaning in various ways. Here are 4 suggestions if you want a tidy, environmentally friendly office.

Ditch office cleaner for clever DIY tricks

Only run to the dry cleaners sometimes you need to do some quick cleaning or get some tough stains out.

Instead, clean surfaces and remove stains with common household items like lemon, olive oil, vinegar, and baking soda.

Additionally, avoid using carpet cleaners and anti-stain treatments because they add to the chemical load in your office.

Check cleaning product labels

Before using your cleaning products, it is best to read the labels. Only 7% of cleaning products remove their ingredients from the label, but most of them do.

Avoid items that contain chemicals like formaldehyde, phthalates, and surfactants that are harmful.

Select LEED-Certified Cleaners

Don’t just choose the commercial cleaning business that offers the lowest price to maintain your building. Make sure to select a cleaner with a LEED certification, like a Green Facility.

Cleaning companies with LEED certification follow green cleaning best practices to protect the environment and keep staff members healthy.

Choose the Eco-friendly Commercial Cleaning Business

Pick an office cleaning service like Iconic Cleaning if you value your health and want to use safe, environmentally friendly products.

The business must be familiar with environmentally friendly cleaning methods.

To comprehend and meet your needs, it also needs to be dependable, accessible, and customer-focused.


Everyone benefits when cleaning with green products. Building owners and contractors make financial savings, employees work in a cleaner environment, and the environment as a whole is safeguarded.

The cost savings from green Cleaning are not known with precision. Recycling bins, higher worker productivity, more effective Cleaning, and longer furniture and other office equipment lifespans are all examples of cost savings.

Therefore, having a proper Eco-friendly Commercial Cleaning Business is very important!

So, are you considering making the switch to environmentally friendly Cleaning in your workplace? Let’s find out about Iconic Cleaning – One of the Eco-friendly Commercial Cleaning Businesses in Town.

Iconic Cleaning – One of the Eco-friendly Commercial Cleaning Businesses in Town

The well-trained, experienced team at Iconic Cleaning will provide you with the best service and great eco-friendly solutions for your offices!

Iconic Cleaning is guaranteed to provide you with the most sustainable cleaning solutions and brings the healthiest workplace to your employees!

Hopefully, you found this helpful article and gained more knowledge about the sustainable commercial cleaning business!

Contact us immediately at 087 395 6099 for more information on our business cleaning services for the best office cleaning specifications!