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Why Is My Floor Sticky After I Mop?

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Why is my floor sticky after I mop? Although floor cleaning is an effective and popular cleaning method. Still, your floor sometimes feels sticky after mopping. To get rid of this annoying stickiness, we need to find out what causes them. The information we share below will give you the correct answer and effective solution!

Why Is My Floor Sticky After I Mop?

Why Is My Floor Sticky After I Mop?

Sticky floors cause discomfort when you move or operate on the floor. If you want to deal with that discomfort, understanding the cause is one of the most important first steps. Follow the causes of your floor sticky after mopping below:

Leftover Stubborn Residue

Although we can use mopping to clean floors, some stubborn residues are more difficult to remove. Therefore, if you clean the floor in the usual way, it is almost impossible to remove them and the floor is still sticky. Most liquids that are not water, such as honey, sugar water, cooking oil, engine oil, etc., are sticky after not being cleaned.

Hard-to-clean residues can also appear in the kitchen due to non-watery liquids on the floor for a long time. You can use cleaning agents during the cleaning process to remove residue effectively.

Wrong Cleaning Technique

Cleaning techniques seriously affect the final cleaning result. Your floor may still be sticky even after you’ve cleaned it many times. Improper cleaning techniques include not sweeping or vacuuming before mopping or using the wrong detergent. You can see those bad techniques below:

  • Using The Wrong Floor Cleaner

When you use the wrong cleaning product, not only will your floor get sticky after mopping, but it will also harm the floor. Each type of floor has different characteristics and requires specialized cleaning agents. You should choose specialized cleaning products for the type of floor you are using; for example, if you use wooden floors, use a special cleaner for wooden floors.

  • Using Too Much Floor Cleaner

You may be mistaken if you think the more floor cleaner you use, the cleaner your floors will be. Using too much floor cleaner does not make your floor cleaner, but it is the main cause of your floor being sticky after mopping. Excess pickle remover that is not dissolved in the correct water ratio will stay on the floor and become stubborn residue.

Dirty Cleaning Water

If you’ve mopped the floor several times and it’s still sticky, you should pay attention to the floor cleaner. One of the biggest causes can be dirty floor cleaners. Pay attention to the water in the bucket is; if it has turned dirty, you should consider replacing the floor cleaner with a new one.

How To Prevent Sticky Floors After Mopping?

Prevent Sticky Floors After Mopping

Understanding the causes of sticky floors will help you find a way to prevent them. Then you should have rational cleaning methods to prevent the floor from sticking after mopping. You can follow our guidelines below for the best results:

  • Before mopping the floor, clean the floor by basic operations such as vacuuming or sweeping the dirt on the floor surface.
  • Mix floor cleaner with appropriate detergent and water according to instructions. You should choose the type of floor cleaner suitable for the floor you want to clean.
  • Use a cloth or mop to clean the stained areas of the floor. When cleaning the floor, you need to pay attention to the floor cleaner, and change the floor cleaner regularly, to avoid getting too dirty.

With just 3 easy steps, you can clean your floors and leave no sticky residue. If you want to clean the floor more effectively, you can use a steam mop. It is a great solution with new technology that allows it to work better than a regular mop.

Find Someone To Clean Your Floor Effectively

Floor cleaning seems to be a simple, inexperienced job when we just need to remove stains. However, each type of stain on each floor needs its own reasonable cleaning method.

If you do it wrong, it can cause the floor to be unclean, sticky and even damaged. Choosing reputable floor cleaning contractors is the best option to help you save time and effort while still being able to clean and protect your floors. Iconic is one of the most reputable contractors today. We offer a wide range of premium cleaning service packages for all types of floors. You can refer to the quality of services and prices when visiting our website.

Why is my floor sticky after I mop? In this article, we have shared the main causes, prevention, and helpful tips. Hopefully, this information can help you clean the floor better!

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