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Get Standard Office Cleaning Procedures At Iconic Cleaning

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To have a standard clean office is not an easy thing when there are many issues to take care of. A cleanup procedure always has many steps and many difficulties along the way. If you cannot handle that problem, contact Iconic Cleaning immediately to experience the best cleaning service in Ireland.


Cleaning office is one of the most important things that office owners can do to boost their employees’ health and productivity.

A clean environment allows people to avoid respiratory illnesses, focus more on their work, and avoid being distracted by the office clutter. The quality of the work will improve from there.

Here are some standards for a clean office for you:

The standard for floor cleaning

  • Ceramic floor: clean, dry tile circuit, no heavy stains, no gum residue, no fishy smell
  • Stone and wood floors: the floor is bright, dry, no stains, no stains for a long time
  • Redbrick floor: clean brick circuit, evenly bright floor, dry, no heavy stains, moss cling
  • Cement floor: no floating garbage, clean surface, no soil powder deposited in streaks
  • Carpeted floor: the surface of the carpet is clean, with no floating garbage, no stains, and no gum residue.
  • The floor of the toilet area: the tile circuit is clean, dry, with no stains, and the floor drainage system is not blocked at the cover.

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office cleaning standards - floor

Office cleaning procedures for walls and ceilings

  • Walls, ledges, baseboards, ceilings: No cobwebs, no dust, no mop marks at the base of the wall, no floating rubbish or powdered soil on the corners of the wall. Boards, signs, fire extinguishers, electrical panels… on the wall: no dust, no stains for a long time.
  • Tiled walls: no dust, no heavy stains
  • Lime and paint walls: no more moss, no heavy stains.
  • Plastic ceiling: no cobwebs, no dust, no clumps of insects
  • Carpet partition (office): dust-free edges, carpet free of ballpoint pen marks and heavy stains
  • Partitions (wood, aluminum, glass): dust-free edges and slots; no heavy stains on the surface, dry; glass without stains
Cleaning walls and ceilings in office

Door system cleaning standards

  • Doors: Clean handles, no fingerprints, no dust on the ledges
  • Wooden doors: slots, door edges are dust-free, and no stains are attached.
  • Windows, shutters: edges, door slits, doors are dust-free, glass has no stains
  • Glass doors with aluminum frame (iron): glass has no stains, no water stains at the door edge; Dust-free aluminum frame, evenly bright, no wipe marks.
  • Mesh door: no dust, no insects stuck on the meshes
  • Glassdoor: clean, bright glass, no water stains on the glass and at the door slot, no cotton swabs, no fingerprints
Cleaning door system in office

Standards for cleaning equipment facilities

  • Table: the tabletop and surrounding area are clean and dust-free; no floating trash and dust under the table.
  • Felt seats: after washing, they must dry evenly, no stains, no odors, the seat, and legs are dust-free, and there are no stains.
  • Leather seats: no dust around
  • Table: the table surface is clean, bright evenly, no stains for a long time, the tabletop and surroundings are dust-free
  • Refrigerator, personal cabinet, TV file cabinet (if any): outside there is no dust, no stains.
  • Lights, tree fans, ventilation fans, ceiling fans: clean, no dust on the fan blades and around
  • Air conditioner: no dust around
  • Computers, televisions: around the screen, the CPU is dust-free, with no stains; The keyboard is clean from the slots – no more dust
  • Printer, fax machine, copier: clean outside, no dust
office cleaning standards with facilities

Requirements for sanitary equipment

  • System of toilets, urinals, dirty tubs: Outside: clean, dry, no stains; inside: no stagnation, no residue, no bad smell
  • Mirror: bright, no cotton wool, no water stains, no dust on the edges of the mirror
  • Hand wash basin: clean, bright, no residue, no hair… stuck in the water filter basket, bright faucet, no water stains
  • Toilet paper compartment: fold the top neatly, make sure there is paper, the outside of the paper compartment is dust-free and stain-free
  • Toilet box: floor, the partition wall is clean, no bad smell
Sanitary equipment cleaning

Standards for waste collection after cleaning

  • Trash bin: must have a lid, there must be no stored garbage inside, no bad smell, in a suitable location, clean outside, no dirty soil or standing water underneath, must be cleaned periodically. For the hospital area, it is necessary to properly classify nylon bags containing medical waste and domestic waste
  • Waste is collected and transported by specialized vehicles, once a day, waste cannot be transported by hand…
Waste collection after cleaning

Clean up the Stairs/Escape/Elevator Area

  • The ladder is clean, no floating garbage, no dust, clean handrails, walls in the ladder are not dirty; dust-free exit lights; the brick edges, the eyelashes do not have much dust…
  • The outside door of the ladder is clean, with no dust, no fingerprints; The floor on the ladder is not dirty, the floor has no gum residue, the keyboard is clean
Cleaning Stairs,escape and elevator area


When an office has a high number of people and a considerable amount of space, meeting the following standards is difficult. Here are some of the challenges they may encounter when attempting to maintain a clean quality office:

  • Cleaning takes a long time, which does not ensure productivity, resulting in a drop in revenue for the organization.
  • Because of the lack of specialist equipment, even if the office cleans itself or hires a permanent cleaner, the cleanliness will not be assured.
  • When employees clean manually while working, dust can easily impair their health and creativity.
  • Employees, in particular, are not well trained in the cleaning procedure, which causes the job to take a long time to finish and does not ensure total cleanliness.
  • If the office employs someone to clean, the management will be unable to effectively focus their skills because they would be unable to oversee and inspect their job.
  • Many organizations now engage individuals to clean every day with noisy vacuum cleaners during office hours, which irritates employees and reduces productivity.
  • Some businesses also expect employees to clean outside of working hours, which is not a long-term strategy for a professional unit.

In addition, office cleaning will be easier than ever if you know some of the following tips and tricks:

Tips and Tricks to make your office cleaner“.


For office owners who wish to clean their office, hiring a professional cleaning service is a wise decision. That’s because they have a team of highly trained employees who consistently deliver the greatest outcomes for each cleaning. They also have a lot of contemporary sanitary equipment, which ensures that the cleaning standards are met.

Furthermore, choosing a office cleaning service saves the firm money; rather than having a regular cleaner who must be paid on a monthly basis, the unit should contact a periodic service that only cleans 3 to 4 times a month and saves a lot of money. This helps employees work more efficiently and saves time.

Icon Cleaning is one of the best office cleaning services in Galway, Ireland. Contact us at the hotline: +353 87 395 6099 or this website to receive the best support.