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Why Concrete Garage Floor Replacement Is A Smart Choice?

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The garage is one of the important places in your house. A damaged garage floor will not guarantee your vehicle’s safety or the tools you store there. Concrete garage floor replacement is the ultimate solution to help you improve the seriously hazardous condition of your floor. However, the signs that the concrete floor needs replacing, the cost, and the contractor are still tricky questions. In this article, you will find helpful answers to help you solve your current problems!

Signs Your Concrete Garage Floor Needs Replacing

If your garage floor has only minor damage, it’s not necessary to completely replace it. Here are the signs that concrete garage floor replacement is what you need to do.

The Floor Has Some Serious Cracks

Severe cracks in the floor are not only unsightly but can also cause damage to the surface of your tires. Extensive cracks can create warping for the floor and cause wheel jams. The main cause of this is the change, causing the floor to expand and contract.

There is no better option than replacing a new floor. To prevent your new garage floor from cracking or warping, you should treat it with a protective sealant for concrete. It helps prevent cracks from reappearing very effectively.

Extensive cracks can create warping for the floor and cause wheel jams
Extensive cracks can create warping for the floor and cause wheel jams

The Floor Is Not Holding Up

If you notice dents in your garage floor or if the surface is becoming uneven, it is possible that the foundation you originally installed was unstable. The garage floor appears to be weak and brittle, so it wears out and cracks over time. Its primary cause is that the subfloor beneath the concrete has been improperly prepared or has not been properly reinforced.

To improve this situation after the concrete garage floor replacement, you should install the new floor on a layer of gravel to make the floor more stable and firm. Thicker concrete also makes the panels stronger and less prone to cracking. Should choose reinforcing bars to be stronger reinforcement for the floor.

Should choose reinforcing bars to be stronger reinforcement
Should choose reinforcing bars to be stronger reinforcement

The Floor Seems To Be Sinking

One day you drive into the garage and notice the floor is sinking; this is when you need concrete garage floor replacement. The main cause of this situation can be due to the drainage system around your house not working properly. Maybe a lot of water has seeped into the soil, causing the soil to soften and everything to sink. Over time, this waterlogged phenomenon can cause more serious and severe damage.

When it rains, the floor can show additional signs of danger and serious damage. You should upgrade your drainage and install a new concrete floor in your garage. To resolve this issue, you should seek the advice of a professional.

Uneven Surfaces

Uneven floor surfaces can cause a lot of damage to users. Dimples begin to appear, and small cracks begin to become larger, which will be dangerous for the car during moving into the garage.

The cause of the uneven floor surface is the weak foundation, the concrete floor being too thin or the quality is not good. The uneven surface appears in many different places, so it is difficult to repair, so we have to replace it. A better alternative is to find professional contractors who can assist you at every stage.

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The uneven surface appears in many different places
The uneven surface appears in many different places

Your Garage Floor Is Simply Unappealing

If your concrete garage floor was finished decades ago and still looks good, you should replace it with a new one. Sometimes we replace it not because it’s not good, but because we need a better concrete floor. You could glow up your concrete floor by polishing it. An attractive floorboard can completely change the space inside the garage. If you love unique and new things, you can consider replacing them.

How Long Will My Garage Floor Last After Replacement?

After being replaced by a reputable and qualified contractor, your garage floor can last from 20 to 25 years, depending on the original use and quality of the floor.

A floor with well-designed drainage, moderate thickness, and good-quality concrete can be used for over 20 years without problems. That shows us that the initial quality of the floor is a crucial factor.

How Much Will It Cost?

The concrete garage floor replacement cost depends on many factors and has many different calculation methods. However, to make it easier for you, we will calculate the cost according to the flooring material you want to replace. Each garage floor material will have a different price. You can follow the table below to choose the right type of floor and calculate how much it will cost for your garage floor area.

Iconic Cleaning – Your Best Concrete Garage Floor Replacement Solution

You cannot replace your concrete garage floor on your own if you are not an expert in the field. There are many tools, equipment, and things to keep in mind when doing garage floor replacement. Finding a reputable contractor with quality products and services is the best solution to help you replace your garage floor efficiently and safely.

Iconic Cleaning is one of the top choices to help you solve all problems related to floor surfaces. With a team of experienced staff and modern equipment, we can confidently help you complete the best floor surfaces – durable – beautiful – cost-effective. If you are looking for contractors for concrete garage floor replacement, give us a call!