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How Much Does Replacing Damaged Concrete Garage Floor Cost?

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A garage is a place that is frequently used and has a fairly high activity density. This can lead to the garage floor quickly breaking down and needing to be replaced. When cracks appear or the floor is unstable, you need to calculate the replacing damaged concrete garage floor cost in advance. Usually, the total cost will depend on the area of the floor and the type of floor you want to replace. Refer to our sharing below to calculate the cost more accurately!

Factors Affecting The Replacement Of Damaged Concrete Garage Floor Cost

The lowest price for a garage replacement is usually $300-400 for minor repairs. With the higher end for a decent floor, the cost will be around $4000 or more. The price will depend on the quality of your desired flooring.

Before calculating the replacing damaged concrete garage floor cost, you need to consider the important factors below. Giving detailed estimates will help the cost estimate more accurately.

Factors affecting the replacement of damaged concrete garage floor cost

Texture Check

The garage floor is also part of the house’s foundation, so you need to seek professional engineers for a closer look. Make sure any changes to the garage floor don’t affect the house. It is best to ask the engineer to do more geological checks to ensure absolute safety.

It will cost you a fraction of the cost of engineers to complete these checks. The cost will be between $500 and $1500.


There will be additional costs if, following a technical assessment, you need to repair some of the areas to make the replacement process safer. This cost is determined by the extent of the repair required. It can cost several dollars for minor flaws or tens of thousands of dollars for major repairs.


If you don’t like the dullness that appears in your garage, you can add a few dollars to several tens of dollars per square foot for a more colorful and artistic garage floor. It depends on your outstanding needs.

Garage Floor Repair Cost By Solution

If your garage floor isn’t so bad that it needs replacing, you can get it repaired. There are many ways to calculate the cost of concrete garage floor repairs and calculating by solution is a simple and effective option.

The Cost Of Cleaning The Garage

If your concrete floor has stains and stubborn stains, you can choose cleaning services that cost between $100 and $300 to solve any problem. It effectively removes mold and leaves the floor surface looking improved.

Cleaning the garage

Garage Floor Patch

Using a garage floor patch is an effective method if your garage floor is worn, cracked or pitted. These repairs will cost you between $150 and $1000; patches will help cover up damaged parts and strengthen weaker parts. Professional contractors will do this job very well.

Garage Floor Crack Filler

When cracks and holes appear in your garage floor, you need to fill them with special materials like turpentine or Epoxy. This repair method does not cost you too much, but it works quite well. A perfect floor can cost you between $150 and $750.

Garage floor crack filler

Garage Floor Leveling Cost

Uneven garage floors are also common when the underlying foundation is unstable. If it’s minor and fixable, it could cost you $500 to $3000. The contractor will use concrete fillers to improve the lower floor. On the other hand, they can also use the Slabjacking method for more intensive leveling to raise the low floor.

Garage Floor Repair And Resurfacing

If your garage floor needs to be revived and reinforced, it will cost you between $950 and $2500. The old garage floor will be cleaned, filled with cracks and holes, and finally covered with concrete resurfacing material to make the floor look new.

Garage floor repair and resurfacing

Flooring Options For Replacing Damaged Concrete Garage Floor

There are many ways to calculate the replacement damaged concrete garage floor cost, but calculating the cost by floor type is the simplest and fastest option. You can track the cost for each flooring material we offer below:

Concrete With Epoxy

If you want to replace your concrete garage floor with Epoxy, then it will cost you somewhere between $500 and $2400. An Epoxy coating is the best alternative, but it is also very expensive. This safety coating can strengthen the concrete and protect it from future impacts. High resistance to cracking and warping makes this the first choice of many people.

Concrete with Epoxy

Vinyl Flooring

If you want to replace your damaged concrete floor with vinyl flooring, it can cost you $1 to $3 per square foot. Depending on the color, style and quality of the vinyl floor, the contractor will inform you of the price.


Rubber is another alternative if you want to use your garage for a variety of purposes, such as a playroom or gym. It will cost you an extra $1 to $2 per square foot. If you’re worried you won’t park your car on a rubber floor, you can rest assured. The contractor will know how to make it reasonable and efficient.

Rubber is another alternative


Tile is an alternative flooring that few people think of, but it really works in this case. Your floor will not tarnish and will become more luxurious. However, replacing damaged concrete garage floor costs will be quite high. The related materials will have different prices; you can see the table below to choose the right one:

Flooring MaterialCost
Ceramic$ 3.75 per square foot
Porcelain$ 6.50 per square foot
Porcelain Wood Tile$ 7.50 per square foot
Rectified Tile$ 8 per square foot
Slate$ 10 per square foot
Glass$ 10 per square foot


Calculating a replacing damaged concrete garage floor costs is not a simple thing. Our sharing in this article helps you to make your cost estimate more accurate. However, the best and most convenient solution is still to find reputable floor repair and replacement contractors.

Iconic Cleaning is confident in being one of the leading contractors in product and service quality. With many years of experience in floor replacement and repair, we are confident that we can satisfy all customer requirements. If you have any queries or questions that need to be answered, contact us immediately!