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A Definitive guide to Marmoleum floor cleaning

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Natural floors from the Marmoleum brand are known for their endurance, high quality, and inventive design.

Marmoleum floor cleaning is the most environmentally friendly option because it is manufactured from natural raw materials.

In order to keep it in good condition for a long period of time, learn more about the definitive guide to Marmoleum floor cleaning process and tips in this article below.

What is Marmoleum floor?

Marmoleum floor, commonly known as linoleum or linoleum floor covering, is made entirely of natural raw materials and does not contain any synthetic components such as PVC, plastic, or polyolefin. Marmoleum floor belongs to one of Forbo’s linoleum brand, which is not the same as vinyl flooring.

Marmoleum Floor

Because of its natural and raw materials, Marmoleum / Linoleum is the most environmentally friendly flooring option for any indoor area that you can choose from.

Marmoleum has been granted a huge exhibit of global ecological endorsements like the Nordic Swan and the Blue Angel.

In addition to this, Marmoleum floor covering improves the environmental and well-being score in building rating schemes such as LEED, Breeam and the Well building standard.

Is Marmoleum floor the same as Vinyl floor?

The answer is NO. Vinyl floor and marmoleum floor are two forms of durable flooring materials that have a lot in common. Because the materials are so similar, many people use the names interchangeably.

However, there are several significant differences between vinyl and marmoleum floors that you should pay attention to during the selection process. To choose which sort of resilient flooring is ideal for you, weigh all of the factors below.


In terms of appearance, there are several differences between Marmoleum and Vinyl floor:

Marmoleum floorVinyl floor
Marmoleum floor is a solid, colorfast substance in which the color and pattern are dimensionally present throughout the thickness of the materialVinyl flooring contains a printed design layer beneath the clear surface wear layer
The color and design of old linoleum remain the same as the day it was put.The number of colors, patterns, and images is nearly limitless and diverse

Heat and Water Resistance

Regarding heat and water resistance factor, there are a number of distinctions between Marmoleum floor and Vinyl floor.

Marmoleum floorVinyl floor
Marmoleum floor is more susceptible to moisture damage and must be sealed on a regular basis to prevent liquid penetrationMost current vinyl is virtually waterproof, allowing it to be laid in moist regions such as basements and other below-grade areas.
A linoleum installation can be harmed by water, and high humidity can often cause individual tiles or sheet edges to curl.Vinyl installation with fiberglass backing is completely resistant to water and mold damage

However, if you compare Vinyl and Marmoleum floor, the later is the more heat resistant.

Linoleum does not melt as quickly as vinyl flooring when heated skillets or curling irons are used.

In addition, unlike vinyl, linoleum does not rapidly burn and generate harmful vapors in a home fire.

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Care and cleaning

For care and cleaning, Marmoleum floor is nearly as easy to care for as vinyl, which is the reason it has been a most loved ground surface for schools, medical clinics, and other public properties.

  • For Marmoleum floor, keep in mind that simply wash as well as vacuum it intermittently. Stains can be hand-cleaned with a cloth and a gentle cleanser.
  • Producers suggest utilizing a cleaning arrangement made for flooring, since off-the-rack cleansers might have high pH levels that can harm the surface.
  • As for vinyl floor, it is one of the easiest floors to keep clean. You can clear and vacuum vinyl routinely, or wipe it with any type of cleansers without stressing over the material staining. Impervious to dampness, form, and mold, vinyl can be essentially cleaned off intermittently to keep it putting its best self forward.

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How to clean Marmoleum floor?

Any other finished surface in a home takes more abuse and requires more meticulous maintenance than flooring.

Starting shortly after installation, a little attention to regular cleaning and care practices will make maintaining your Marmoleum floor last longer and allow it to appear great for decades.

Clean Marmoleum Floor
Image from Forbo

Below are some tips for appropriate Marmoleum floor cleaning.

Marmoleum floor cleaning before use

Before the Marmoleum floor is ready to be taken into usage, there are several things you need to do:

  • Within three days of installation, new floors should not be damp cleaned.
  • Remember to clean the floor with a neutral floor cleanser to remove any debris, filth, and dust.
  • A scrubber drier or rotary machine (150-300 rpm) with a 3M red pad or comparable can be utilized for bigger areas. You can use a wiper and mop or a wet vacuum, pick up dirty water, rinse with clean water, and allow the floor to dry.
  • If necessary, use a rotary machine (150-300 rpm) and a 3M red pad or comparable to dry or spray buff the floor.

Note: if cement dust is present add approximately 2% of Citric or Acetic acid.

Regularly Marmoleum floor cleaning process

The quantity of debris, wear, and intended visual appearance and hygiene standard all influence the procedure of frequent cleaning. For regular Marmoleum floor cleaning process, you can follow the steps below to take care of your floor.

  1. Vacuum, sweeping, or mopping to remove dust and loose dirt.
  2. Use a damp mop and a neutral universal floor cleanser to remove spots, stains, and spills.
  3. A combination cleaning and maintenance operation may be required in your regular cleaning procedure. Several systems can be used for this:
    • Forbo Monel soap film system
    • Wax-based system
    • Spray system

Beside cleaning, pay attention to the maintenance progess

The floor is now ready for regular cleaning after the instructions above. Now, it’s time for the maintenance procedures to maintain or restore a satisfactory level of appearance for your Marmoleum cleaning.

  1. Vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping can be used to remove dust and loose dirt.
  2. Use a damp mop and a neutral floor cleanser to remove spots, stains, and spills.
  3. Utilize a buffable floor maintainer, spray buff the floor with a rotary machine (300-500 rpm) and a 3M red pad or equivalent to remove gloss imperfections and produce an even look.

After that, the next procedures might be applied completely or partially for extremely soiled areas.

  1. Use a green pad and a neutral universal floor cleanser to scrub the floor (Forbo Cleaner).
  2. Wash the floor with cool, clean water and let it dry.

Marmoleum floor cleaning FAQs

There are several questions related to Marmoleum floor and Marmoleum floor cleaning. Listed below are the most frequently asked questions about the Marmoleum floor.

Question: Can I use Vinegar for Marmoleum floor cleaning?

Yes, you totally can.

A simple vinegar arrangement will clean, sanitize and aerate Marmoleum flooring. You can mix a solution of 1 gallon of water and 2 cups of distilled white vinegar. Utilize this solution to your floor by using a mop or sponge. Then, your floor will rapidly be cleaned, reestablishing to its regular sparkle

Question: How often should I clean my Marmoleum floor?

Answer: The frequency at which the floor is utilized determines the best cleaning and maintenance schedule.

When creating a cleaning and maintenance schedule, it’s a good idea to start with the floor’s location: is it near a building entrance or on an upper floor? Is it capable of collecting dry or wet soil?

What kind of traffic will it have to deal with? Remember that light and single-color fabrics may require more frequent cleaning.

Question: How do I remove stains out of my Marmoleum floor?

Remove stains as soon as they are discovered. Most stains can be safely eliminated utilizing a dry (paper) towel, water, cleanser, white soul or liquor (in a specific order).

Try not to utilize profoundly soluble items (ammonia, soda) or strong solvents such as acetone, since they can be detrimental to both people and to your Marmoleum floor.


To sum up, although the Marmoleum floor is one of the most durable types of flooring.

In order to keep your Marmoleum floor in good condition and allow it to last long for a long period of time, it requires effort and time cleaning and maintaining.

You can follow all the tips and steps above by Iconic Cleaning to make the cleaning and maintenance process a lot easier.