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Strip and Seal Cleaning – What It Is & How It Works

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Strip and seal is a high-quality technique that you must do to ensure the protection and longevity of pricey flooring. Strip and seal cleaning is an essential component of the job we conduct as one of Galway’s best cleaning businesses to prepare student classrooms for a new term. 

If you haven’t heard of the strip and seal approach before, you’re sure to listen to a lot more about it in the future as more businesses and professional cleaners discover the benefits of the process.

So, what is strip and seal cleaning? And how is it utilized to breathe fresh experience into aged floors? We figured we’d expose you to the method in this article. Read the article from Iconic Cleaning for more information about strip and seal cleaning.

What is strip and seal cleaning?

For tile, and marble vinyl floors cleaning, a strip and seal recommended to remove filth, cleaning film, or worn sealant from your flooring and reseal the surface.

Flooring professionally done with a professional-grade machine and the correct supplies and procedures, the results are not as good and will not last as long.


The stripping procedure varies depending on the state of the floor and when the previous strip and seal performed. If you have a strip and seal as part of your routine maintenance, we are unlikely to need to strip more than the top layer.

Yet, if you haven’t had one in more than a year or 2+ years, the probability of us needing to strip the layers back is high, which is time-consuming and, as a result, pricey.

How Frequently Should You Have Your Flooring Stripped and Sealed?

The state of your floor determines the frequency with which you should strip and seal your flooring. Due to the low level of use and activity in a home, flooring often lasts longer.

On the other side, a business floor receives far greater foot traffic. Typically, they require stripping and sealing every one to two years.


A strip and seal may be extremely time-consuming and challenging. As the best cleaning solutions provider, Iconic Cleaning ensures that each customer’s flooring uses the appropriate solution and treatment.

This attention to detail guarantees that you have an effective strip and seal that prolongs the life of your floor.

Call Iconic Cleaning now at 087 395 6099 to learn more about our strip and seal services. Iconic Cleaning personnel skilled in sealing many floors, including timber, tiles, vinyl stone, concrete, and more. 

Strip & seal Cleaning Procedure

Before applying a new coat of sealer, the current layer must cleaned, removing any dirt, dust, and residue to ensure the floor is in beautiful condition and ready for a fresh coat of sealer. 

The flooring may appear “as good as new” when the new sealer has dried, and the coat may keep it looking great for even longer.

Using a Floor Stripper

The technician begins by cleaning the floor and removing any dust or foreign materials, such as gum or stickers.

As we operate, we separate the area and give other paths for those passing by. We surrounded the work area with cardboard to protect other portions of the building.

The thickness of the sealant determines the stripping solution’s strength. A 1:10 stripper-to-water ratio is usually sufficient. We soak an area of flooring with a stripper mop, breaking huge areas down into smaller portions.

It takes at least 10 minutes for the solution to break down the old floor sealant. We begin removing the sealer using a scrubber and remove any residual floor stripper.

Putting on the Base Coat

Using a clean polish mop, we applied an essential coat of floor sealer. A slight coating of sealant can applied to avoid pooling, which produces dull areas.

When the initial application dries fully, and the second layer can then applied at a 90-degree angle to the previous coat.

After around six hours, we buff the area with special pads and apply several layers of glaze to give luster. We suggested that you wait six weeks before polishing the floors again.

Using the Top Sealer

Applying a top sealer with a clean fringe mop requires care and technique. It is vital to rinse the mop with water before eliminating any loose dust, dirt, or fibers that may wind up in the sealant.

An even pour provided by watering can with an 8-millimeter nozzle. We cover the spout with a rubber glove and trim the hole to size.

This procedure carried out in 3-metre by 6-meter chunks. A line of sealant along the center makes it simple to spread the adhesive uniformly.

Our professionals at Iconic Cleaning wet the mop with polish and mop in smooth strokes, backing away from the already-polished portions.

Depending on the size of the space to seal, this may require numerous portions. It is critical not to overlap the sealant since this will result in streaks.

Why should people choose Strip and Seal Cleaning?

Strip and seal also enhance floor maintenance and cleaning, saving you time and money on cleaners while giving a high gloss and finishing with a bit of cleaning.

The following are some of the advantages of floor stripping services:

  • Increasing the glossy of the floor.
  • Making the flooring easy to clean.
  • Extending the life of your flooring.
  • Getting rid of scratches, scuffs, and markings.
  • Building a protective layer against harm and bacteria.

In Conclusion

The proper strip and seal procedure protects flooring from damage, extends its life, and restores its appearance to new!

Strip and seal also increase the floor’s maintenance and cleaning capabilities, allowing you to save person-hours on cleaners while still achieving a high gloss and finishing with little washing.

The first and most critical step is to select the appropriate sealing chemicals and techniques for your floor. You can choose the suitable sealing chemical for your flooring chosen, considering any constraints imposed by cultural or environmental concerns.

Iconic Cleaning has compiled easy-to-follow instructions on how to strip and seal any business floor like a pro. Following these methods will alter your flooring, whether you choose a complete strip and seal or a cut down on the shine.

Why Iconic Cleaning as the best cleaning service in Galway

It’s well worth asking Iconic Cleaning for further information about the strip and seal cleaning if:

  • Your flooring has a grubby appearance but is otherwise in good condition
  • You’d like to save on the cost of installing new flooring
  • You’re looking for a quick and effective way to improve the look of your interiors

Additionally, you may hire a professional cleaner to assist you with stripping and sealing your floor.


Iconic Cleaning Service is a leading provider of cleaning services in Galway and the west of Ireland. For more information about our cleaning services, contact us immediately at 087 395 6099.