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How to Create The Most Professional Office Cleaning Checklist?

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Office hygiene is always guaranteed to create a good and clean working space for employees. A professional office cleaning checklist plays a crucial role in arranging and performing cleaning work reasonably and saving maximum time. What is include professionals office cleaning? Let’s learn about the hygiene checklist with The Top Office Cleaning Service in Ireland and the details of the items listed in the checklist.


Printable professionals office cleaning checklist is a list to check the cleaning tasks in each stage. The office cleaning checklist template COVID-19 is available in different fields and industries during the pandemic.

The checklist is usually presented in list form, in tabular form divided by week and month to ensure that the progress is closely followed and that no stage is missed.

In addition, making a list of tasks and equipment needed from the beginning also helps create a good execution quality. It helps to manage human resources closely, which is the professional office cleaning service always done beforehand.

Professional Office Cleaning Checklist for Referenece
Professional Office Cleaning Checklist for Referenece


Common Area

The common area office cleaning checklist needs to perform the following tasks:

  • Floor cleaning: sweeping and mopping the floor.
  • Cleaning glass and window sills: Clean the glass surfaces in the room (glasses of the main door and windows) and clean the inside and outside of the glass with a clean cloth.
  • Garbage collection, emptying: Check trash cans, pick up trash during and before cleaning, and change trash bags.

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Kitchen Area

Professionals office cleaning work of office cleaning, kitchen area, and resting place need to be done:

  • Clean the sink area: Use a towel or mop with detergent to remove stains, and oil stains on the sink.
  • Clean the dining table: Clean the kitchen area, and dining table.
  • Clean items in the room: Arrange the items in the office to conduct the cleaning. Be careful not to let documents and objects get wet or wet. Dry the items again after using a clean damp cloth to wipe them first
  • Clean the resting place: The office staff’s lunch and relaxation place help to recharge everyone’s working energy. Therefore, cleaning the resting place should be done carefully.
  • Clean up dirt in the nooks and crannies of the wall. Sweep and mop the floor to create a well-ventilated space

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clean kitchen
Kitchen area is one of the toughest are when cleaning

Toilet Area

A toilet is a place that contains a lot of bacteria and often has an odor. The toilet cleaning checklist needs to ensure that areas such as hand washbasins, toilets, mirrors, partitions, shelves, and floors are always clean. In addition, it is important to change toilet paper and soap regularly.

  • Sanitize the sink: Use a sponge, sponge with detergent, and scrub the surface of the hand basin, faucet, and outside rim. Rinse with clean water so that the stains follow the water
  • Wipe the mirror: soak a specialized cleaner on the surface of a soft cloth and wipe it on the mirror. Then, clean it with water, a wet towel, or crumpled newspaper. The mirror will be shiny again
  • Cleaning the partition: Put a little detergent on a wet cloth and clean and rub the dirty areas. You can also use a brush to remove hard-to-clean stains
  • Replace toilet paper rolls in each restroom, add soap, and clean around the soap dispenser after refilling.
  • Clean the dirt on the shelf: use a cleaning cloth and wipe it with a dry cloth


The template office cleaning checklist helps business units to control and evaluate the cleaning services they are using. Through the comments, both sides can assess the level of work completion and efficiency.

Items in cleaning work will be negotiated and signed according to service packages and customer needs.

Professional checklist for reference


No matter where the cleaning work is, the elements in the hygiene checklist should be fully guaranteed. Cleaning staff should survey in advance the location that needs to be cleaned. Then, check out our blog to make a detailed plan of items and specific times for the office cleaning checklist.

Besides checking rough parts, you need to pay attention to the electronic equipment equipped in the room, such as air conditioners, smart fans, and projectors. If there is an abnormal phenomenon, it must be repaired as soon as necessary.