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Office Cleaning Specification You Need to Know!

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In Ireland, office cleaning is no longer a strange job. Office cleaning is an indispensable activity to ensure a clean and comfortable working environment for the sublimation of employees’ ideas. It brings the most effective work performance.

office cleaning is no longer a strange job

Thanks to a team of professionally trained human resources and modern machinery of Iconic Cleaning, we help your business reduce the cost of managing labor and cleaning personnel.

Iconic Cleaning contributes to streamlining the personnel apparatus, making it more compact with higher cleaning efficiency.


Office cleaning specifications will take care of the entire cleaning process with the highest efficiency. Specifically, it is necessary to perform the following cleaning tasks:

  • Clean the ceiling: Clean and sweep away cobwebs, dust, lamp items, light troughs, and fans on the ceiling.
  • Clean the walls of the house: Clean the walls, partitions, and decorative items on the walls.
  • Cleaning the system of main doors, windows, and glass doors: Clean and polish with specialized cleaners both inside and outside the door.
  • Stair cleaning
  • Clean all buttons, controls, ceilings, floors, elevator doors
  • Clean working tools, document cabinets, and equipment such as computers, copiers, and scanners.
  • Floor cleaning: Sweeping, mopping, scrubbing the floor. Clean wooden floors, stone floors with specialized detergents, polish floors, keep floors clean as new, durable.
  • Cleaning toilets: Cleaning mirrors, sinks, stone tables, exhaust fans, scrubbing floors, deodorizing toilets, and handling stagnant water.
  • Office carpet cleaning, office sofa cleaning, and atmosphere cleaning



Today, living and working spaces not only need to be clean but also require high aesthetics.

Therefore, professional office cleaning specification will help create a workspace for employees to unleash their creativity and contribute to the development of agencies and businesses.

Specifically, it is shown through the following three important roles:

1. Improve Work Efficiency

In a clean and beautiful working space, employees will not be affected by any problems with the surrounding environment.

They can also avoid having to deal with cumbersome furniture and tools to create a good working environment.

Every day when coming to the office, the principal job of employees is creativity and professional concentration.

Here, employees do not have to worry about cleaning, general hygiene, and personal desk cleaning.

2. Employee Health Protection

Each healthy employee will ensure work is on schedule and not affect the overall development of the business.

To do so, it is necessary to create a clean and airy environment to ensure the health of employees every day.

Office cleaning services will help protect employees from unwanted respiratory and infectious diseases.

Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic affected, the cleaning of the office, dining room, meeting room, toilet, etc. is always necessary to disinfect.


Enhance Credibility And Professionalism

The cleanroom space and the pleasant aroma emanating will show the class of the agency or business
The cleanroom space and the pleasant aroma emanating will show the class of the agency or business

The cleanroom space and the pleasant aroma emanating will show the class of the agency or business. Customers and visiting partners will have sympathy and quickly build trust. It gives you opportunities to do business by opening up the possibility of increasing revenue for the business.



What is special about performing office cleaning specification at Iconic Cleaning? To clean the office to achieve the highest efficiency at the most reasonable cost, Iconic Cleaning brings to customers the office cleaning process that adheres to strict principles through the following 8 steps:

Step 1: Office Cleaning Starts With Cleaning The Overhead Space

Our staff will wipe down tidy spaces, overhead equipment with spider webs, and dust clinging. It requires a decisive, light operation to avoid scattering dirt on the floor and other items throughout the space.

Step 2: Clean Items And Equipment In The Office

Our teams will wipe off dust and dirt from furniture, equipment, and machinery. We tidy up old, broken furniture in a corner. Then, we clean, according to the principle of wiping from top to bottom, cleaning from the inside out. We make sure the workspace is clean; the air is fresh, and all the desk items are tidy.

All the items must be cleaned beforehand

Step 3: Clean Windows, Glass Doors, Partitions

Iconic Cleaning uses a cloth to wipe off dirt, and stains on partitions, windows, and glass doors to ensure these items are bright and clean. We ensure that each corner of the space is clean, contributing to brightening the common space of the entire office. The air is then clean, effectively protecting the health of employees.

Step 4: Garbage Collection

We will pick up trash in each department to eliminate bacteria and create a clean environment. Then, we remove the trash from the bin and empty the trash can. It ensures cleanliness and no odors. We also replaced the trash bag with a new one in the bin.

Step 5: Clean The Floor

Cleaning the floor when performing office cleaning is extremely important. Proper cleaning standards will create the most pleasant working environment for employees.

Cleaning floor is the following step in the office cleaning specification

We will wipe away dirt and garbage on the product surface and remove tough stains on the surface with specialized detergents. Then, we will wipe it a second time to make sure the floor is completely clean.

Finally, clean the floor a third time with specialized detergent to make sure it is dry and clean. We make sure the floor is clean and shiny, not fishy, and not slippery.

Step 6: Clean The Toilet Area

We clean equipment, waste treatment and the toilet floor without standing water. This work will be supported by specialized chemicals to help disinfect the organization. It ensures the health of all employees and creates a clean common space.

Step 7: The Last Job Of Office Cleaning Is To Freshen Up The Room

We use natural room fragrance spray to create a fresh and pleasant space. It requires a gentle spreading fragrance, creating a feeling of coolness for employees to feel more refreshed.


Iconic Cleaning Service provides outstanding cleaning services throughout Galway and the West of Ireland. Iconic Cleaning Service contributes to streamlining the personnel apparatus, making it more compact with higher cleaning efficiency.

For the best office cleaning specification, Contact us immediately at 087 395 6099 for more information on our business cleaning services.