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How To Get Employees To Keep Office Clean?

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How to get employees to keep office clean? This would be a challenge for all businesses to have a tidy workplace with out cleaning service. The secret depends on the company’s method and culture.

Is this the expression when your staff heard that this is cleaning office time?

Employees' expressions when they hear it's time to clean the office
Employees’ expressions when they hear it’s time to clean the office

If you are a business owner or just a tidy staff in a messy place. These tips from the best cleaning service across Ireland – Iconic Cleaning will help you a lot. Check these out!


Besides hiring office cleaning services, your company also needs to have its ways of cleaning the workplace, such as an office cleaning duties list or sending an “office cleaning email to staff” outlining specific tasks,… Here are the office cleaning duties for employees at the office:

  • Except for lunchtime, according to the company’s regulations, all employees may not eat during working hours.
  • Avoid spilling water/food on the table/chair/floor. If this happens by accident, clean it up immediately.
  • In the work area, trash cans must not contain leftovers. It will cause odors and affect work efficiency. You can use them to store paper and other office waste.
  • Each employee must pay attention to arranging the items used in the office neatly and in the exact position after being used. Then store them carefully.
  • To avoid affecting the people around, each individual must arrange their items and utensils neatly and neatly.
  • All employees must be conscious of maintaining and cleaning the office regularly.

Besides giving your office a clean look, disinfecting your office bathroom also creates a healthier environment for employees. Healthy employees mean less sick leave, which increases productivity.

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Some offices have separate rooms with kitchens and bathrooms. If your office is the same, make sure your break room is clean. You will not want dust to be carried into the work area and the resting place.

#1. Inspiring your team with the benefits of a tidy and clean workspace

Working time at the office takes up more than a third of a day. Therefore, it is vital to maintain office hygiene and comply with workplace hygiene regulations.

A tidy desk could enhance the productivity
A tidy desk could enhance the productivity

It is wonderful when your entire staff is healthy and working with a positive, relaxed, pleasant spirit. To achieve this, hygiene plays a vital role in the workplace.

Building a healthy working environment brings high efficiency. It helps your business reduce enormous costs that may be missed when employees working at the office have to take sick leave.

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#2. Make it easy to remember with memes or elevator animations/videos.

The office clean-up meme is a friendly way to remind your employees about hygiene in the office without insulting them. You can use the office cleaning meme on Facebook or show your employees clean office cartoons. In that way, the employees can stick to Cleaning and keeping the workplace clean.

Caricatures or memes are easy to remind your staff to clean up their place.
Caricatures or memes are easy to remind your staff to clean up their place.

#3. Turn it to company culture

Clean Desk meme
Clean Desk meme
  • Use cleaning cloths: Devices that frequently contact hands, such as phones, keyboards, and computer mice, should be cleaned and wiped at least once a day. Equip each of your employees with a pack of alcohol-based wipes and ask them to clean them at the end of each working day.
  • Wash hands with soap solution: to reduce the spread of dangerous bacteria, each individual, after Cleaning, must wash their hands with a previously prepared soap solution and follow the rules for using the restroom.
  • Avoid eating at the working desk: When you eat and drink at your desk, food will fall on the surface of the table and floor no matter how careful you are. These are the biggest causes of bacteria and mess.
  • If eligible, arrange a separate dining area for your employees. In case of ineligibility, make sure that the responsibility to comply with general hygiene rules and clean up after eating is the right thing to do.
  • Responsibility for office hygiene: Think of your office as your second home. The responsibility for cleanliness and tidiness must always be at the forefront of the workplace. Please clean your work area regularly and keep common areas clean.
  • Schedule daily garbage collection: Garbage can be filled quickly if not monitored and handled regularly at the office. One principle of building a workplace hygiene policy is to schedule regular trash collection at the end of the working day. In addition, office staff needs to clean and dispose of garbage in the right place.

4. You . . . Yes! It’s you – The business owner must be the pioneer!

You . . . Yes! It's you - The business owner must be the pioneer!

The more you force the employees to clean up the office, the more they feel bad about cleaning up their workplace. They thought that this was not their responsibility to get the office clean and tidy, which must belong to others.

So, it would be great if you were the first person who has cleaned up your company’s habitat; the first one who is not feeling shy to lower down and pick up the trash in the office to leave it in the right place.

how to get employees to keep office clean
Business owner must be the pioneer of cleaning up their office

Day by day, and combine with the other tips Iconic Cleaning gives you in this article. Subsequently, your employees see this is what they have to do. Then they will mimic what you have done.

One by one, day by day, this habit will make up a great company culture to clean up the workplace. These are what the pioneers must do. And this is how to get employees to keep office clean in the right way!


5. Let’s Iconic Cleaning help you with a free printable office cleaning checklist

Making a printable office cleaning checklist is classified as the job in the first stage when implementing office cleaning because of its benefits. Employees will readily grasp and perform the tasks quickly based on the office cleaning schedule template.

In addition, minor details will not be missed if the work checklist is followed. You can find and download the office cleaning checklist excel or office cleaning checklist pdf for your reference.

With the completion of many projects providing cleaning services for offices, homes, factories, and schools, Iconic Cleaning has always been a reliable partner for daily office cleaning services. 

Iconic Cleaning will help you get these problems out
Iconic Cleaning will help you get these problems out

Coming to our office cleaning service, you will receive the following commitments from us:

  • The cleaning staff at Iconic Cleaning have all undergone professional training classes. We always ensure professionalism and in-depth understanding of the field of office cleaning.
  • Iconic Cleaning always complies with the contract agreement signed with customers for daily, weekly, and monthly office cleaning schedules.
  • The cleaning equipment and technology at Iconic Cleaning are constantly improved continuously. Our cleaning chemicals have also been tested to be safe for human health and the environment.


Iconic Cleaning is committed to providing customers with a 5-star standard cleaning service. We always put dedication and professionalism on the top.

Office cleaning service packages at Iconic Cleaning change flexibly depending on customers’ needs but still ensure an affordable price. We hope to see you soon and offer our best services! Please contact us in case you need any cleaning consultation.