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People always know that dental office cleaning is not an easy task, especially after the effect of the pandemic. So if you are working at a dental office or intend to open a dental clinic in Ireland, what do you need to do to achieve the hygiene standards in 2022?

In this special article, let’s learn from one of the best dental office cleaning services across Ireland the way to stay safe and clean these days.


Cleaning the dental office contributes to the office’s hygiene. Patients who are being examined, patients who are being treated, family members of patients, medical staff, and others will all feel completely comfortable while working and using office services.

Cleaning the office also aids in the killing of bacteria and pathogens. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination from one patient to the next. Alternatively, it can transfer from a sick person to a healthy person.

Standard dental office hygiene in Galway includes the following criteria:

Concerning The Floor-cleaning Procedure

  • Ceramic floor: no major stains, gum residue, or fishy odor; clean, dry tile circuit.
  • Stone and wood floors: the floor is bright, dry, and free of stains, and it has been free of stains for a long time.
  • Redbrick floor: moss cling, clean brick circuit, evenly brilliant floor, dry, no heavy stains
  • Cement floor: no floating trash, clean surface, no streaks of soil powder
  • Carpeted floor: the carpet surface is clean, with no floating trash, stains, or gum residue.
  • Toilet area floor: the tile circuit is clean, dry, and free of stains, and the floor drainage system is not obstructed at the cover.
  • Using current and professional machines to clean floors

Cleaning Walls, Ceilings, And Partitions

  • Walls, ledges, baseboards, ceilings: No cobwebs, no dust, no mop marks at the base of the wall, no floating rubbish or powdered soil on the corners of the wall. Boards, signs, fire extinguishers, electrical panels… on the wall: no dust, no stains for a long time.
  • Tiled walls: no dust, no heavy stains
  • Lime and paint walls: no more moss, no heavy stains.
  • Plastic ceiling: no cobwebs, no dust, no clumps of insects
  • Partitions (wood, aluminum, glass): dust-free edges and slots; no heavy stains on the surface, dry; glass without stains
  • Computer: around the screen, the CPU is not dusty, no stains; The keyboard is clean from the slots – no more dust

Cleaning Furniture

  • Table: the tabletop and surrounding area are clean and dust-free; no floating trash and dust under the table.
  • Felt seats: after washing, they must dry evenly, no stains, no odors, the seat, and legs are dust-free, and there are no stains.
  • Leather seats: no dust around
  • Cleaning sofas requires many complicated techniques
  • Lights, tree fans, ventilation fans, ceiling fans: clean, no dust on the fan blades and around
  • Air conditioner: no dust around
  • Computer: around the screen, the CPU is not dusty, with no stains; The keyboard is clean from the slots – no more dust
  • Dental examination tools: clean sterilization
  • Disinfectant spray for the clinic.
Cleaning the dental furniture is an indispensable part

Requirements For Waste Collection After Cleaning

  • Trash bin: must have a lid, there must be no stored garbage inside, no bad smell, in a suitable location, clean outside, no dirty soil or standing water underneath, must be cleaned periodically. For the hospital area, it is necessary to properly classify nylon bags containing medical waste and domestic waste
  • Waste is collected and transported by specialized vehicles, once a day, waste cannot be transported by hand…


It is not easy to maintain dental hygiene standards. To meet the above dental office hygiene standards, dental offices need to:

  • Divide the work reasonably for each member of the cleaning team.
  • Make a list of things to clean up to avoid missing any parts.
  • Should choose a person who dares to follow the cleaning as well as keeping the office clean.
  • Use professional cleaning teams to ensure the hygiene of the dental office.


Following the pandemic, sanitation and disinfection are more important than ever in order to avoid cross-infection. Every day, dental offices generally see a big number of patients. The dentist’s primary responsibility is to have a direct touch with the patient’s teeth and saliva. They are directly responsible for the spread of the pandemic in this area.

Dental office cleaning work meets standards after the pandemic
Dental office cleaning work meets standards after the pandemic

As a result, dentist offices must hire professional office cleaning services to deal with the issue. They are extremely knowledgeable in the field of cleaning and eradicating microorganisms. To do so, they use specific disinfectants and equipment. Rest confident that if you leave the dental office to them, the Coronavirus will no longer be a concern.


Iconic Cleaning Service is a leading provider of dental office cleaning services in Galway and the West of Ireland. Iconic Cleaning Service is dedicated to providing efficient cleaning services to keep your business functioning smoothly.

Iconic Cleaning offers the highest level of service quality by employing a skilled crew and current equipment. I.C’s specialist disinfectant is a hospital-grade, EPA-registered solution that kills 99.999 percent of all germs.

It was created in conjunction with a fog generator to be used safely by personnel following an epidemic, ensuring safety and hygiene. Come to Iconic Cleaning to receive the highest level of service.