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The Latest Post Construction Cleaning Up Price

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Is your post-construction clean-up site covered with dirt and construction debris? How to clean your project? Looking for post-construction cleaning-up contractors is the best option to help you solve the problem.

However, the post-construction cleaning-up price is something worth worrying about and considering. Our recommendations below can help you get the best price for your work! Check it out below!

An average post-construction clean-up cost
An average post-construction clean-up cost

Post-construction cleaning-up estimated prices?

An average post-construction cleaning-up price table will help you have more accurate cost estimates. It can assist you greatly in your search for the proper cleaning contractor. You can follow it below:

MobilizationPer sq. Ft.
Rough clean€0.14 – €0.33
Final clean€0.19 – €0.52
Fluff€.057 – €0.095
Window€3.32 – €5.69

The above is the basic price you can refer to when choosing a cleaning contractor according to the level of cleaning required for the project. Window cleaning will cost more than usual because it is a particular part.

In addition to this tiered cleaning base price, you may have to consider pricing depending on the type of project. The shares in the table below can help you:

Project typePer sq. Ft.
Auto office flying 0.16
Bank 0.51
Medical or Dental 0.30
Military Installation 0.24
Car dealership€ 0.20
Education 0.13
Fitness 0.19
Gas station 0.64
Industrial€ 0.29
Restaurant 0.58

4 Dominant Factors That Affect The Post Construction Cleaning Up Price

To know the exact post-construction clean-up price for what you need, determining the factors that affect it should be considered.

These factors will help you estimate the price to pay for cleaning contractors. You can refer to some critical influencing factors below:

  • How big is your cleaning area
  • Level of construction
  • Specific equipment needed
  • Labour

Let’s beginning!

The area of the work that needs cleaning

Post Construction Area Will Affect The Cost
Post Construction Area Will Affect The Cost

Post-construction clean-up price often depends quite a lot on the area to be cleaned.

Most contractors will quote their post-construction cleaning services according to the size of the room.

If you clean a 10,000-square-foot room, you will pay more than for a 5,000-foot room.

-> Have a look at: Post Construction Checklist from Expert

Level of construction that needs cleaning

In addition to the area, the level of cleaning service you require will also determine the post-construction clean-up price.

Accordingly, you will have to pay more expensive profound cleaning costs if you only need rough Cleaning.

Because cleaning levels require different tools, effort, and time, the price will fluctuate.

Specific equipment needed

If you need to clean specific works, the requirements for cleaning contractors are also higher.

Specific equipment is needed for post construction cleaning
Specific equipment is needed for post construction cleaning

They need to use modern post-construction equipment and technology, so you have to pay higher fees.

However, if their service is quality, it is worth it.


There are many post-construction clean-up services for you, but the most common is that you charge according to the number of hours of work or pay according to the area of the room to be cleaned.

If you choose the first option, the amount you pay will increase as the number of workers you need increases.

Our helpful advice is to rent by area to avoid unnecessary problems.

In summary, many factors can affect the post-construction clean-up price you pay a cleaning contractor.

However, everything is easier to negotiate if you know how to calculate and anticipate costs.

The most important thing is that you need to find reputable cleaning contractors.

Refer to the price list we share in the next section for an accurate estimate.

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It would be best to find a reputable cleaning contractor to find a post-construction clean-up price commensurate with their service.

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