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Christmas Deep Cleaning: What Should You Do?

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If you want to clean your office before Christmas, now is the time to start. 

Christmas deep cleaning is not difficult; you need to know the tools, cleaning schedule, and methods.

If you follow the advice in this article, everything will be resolved quickly and effectively. This helpful information will help you a lot in preparing for Christmas.

How To Get Your Office Clean Before Christmas

We will share the most helpful knowledge about Christmas deep cleaning with you. Keep an eye on them to make sure you get everything helpful.


Check cleaning tools

Before you begin a deep cleaning of your office, you must double-check your cleaning tools. It will affect the cleaning time as well as the cleaning efficiency. Here are some essential tools you should have:

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Window cleaning cloth
  • Anti-bacterial spray
  • Oven cleaner
  • Long-reach dusting tool
  • Polish before Christmas

Cleaning schedule


It will be difficult to perform Christmas deep cleaning if you have a busy schedule. Even if you hire a cleaning contractor to do the work for you, you need an accurate and efficient schedule.

If you want to do it yourself, you can break down the list to be cleaned into different parts and do it little by little.

If you don’t know how to divide and where to start, you can refer to our cleaning list below:

  • Behind the sofa
  • Clean the floor
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Cleaning equipment in the office
  • Deep cleaning bathroom
  • Clean up behind the toilet
  • Defrosting the freezer
  • Clean the oven
  • Clean window
  • Scrub the walls
  • Light Accessories
  • Polished ornaments
  • Trash compartment
  • Curtain rods
  • Top of the door

You can complete the tasks according to the list to make sure you get everything. Every corner is cleaned to improve the office space during a happy Christmas.

How to deep clean?


Once you have prepared all the tools and have an impressive cleaning list, you must proceed with the cleaning process. Each area and location will have its own cleaning method. You should divide the office into areas with similar characteristics and clean each area.

  • First, remove the trash in the room, vacuum, and rough clean the office.
  • Then, clean in order from top to bottom, which means you should clean from the ceiling down to the floor. Clean the bulbs, sweep the cobwebs, and more before cleaning underneath
  • Wipe down wall lights, blinds, windows, or mid-range appliances in the restroom
  • Eliminate waste
  • Vacuum and clean the floor

After cleaning the main areas, you will thoroughly clean again from top to bottom to ensure the dirt is completely removed. Your office has really been deep cleaned.

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Tips for Christmas deep cleaning


An effective cleaning process can only be completed with some useful tips. You can refer to the tips below to make the Christmas deep cleaning process faster and save more time.

Wipe dust with a damp cloth

A damp cloth will help keep small dust particles from flying around in the air and contaminating other parts of the room. The atmosphere is not difficult to become fresher. When dusting, you should also wipe the dust underneath the devices.

Pay attention to the floor corners

Floor corners are the gathering place of a lot of dirt. Due to the peculiarity of the corner, cleaning it is also more difficult. You can use a vacuum cleaner to make it easier to remove dirt. Make sure all of the offices are included.

Don’t miss the glass panels

When cleaning the office, you should not skip cleaning the glass panels. Prepare professional cleaners and make them shiny. Your room can get more light if you clean clear glass panels effectively.

Use a cleaning service

If your office is too busy with year-end tasks, using a cleaning service is the most effective way. You will not spend a lot of time and effort on cleaning but just focus on decorating the office. Christmas atmosphere will quickly come.

Do I need a contractor for Christmas deep cleaning?

As mentioned above, hiring a professional cleaning contractor is an effective solution for Christmas deep cleaning in the office. Cleaning professionals will know how to start cleaning your office. They will complete all areas and make sure it’s all clean.

Iconic Cleaning is one of the great options when we have a team of experienced cleaning staff. Your office will be cleaned quickly and efficiently in less time.

Everything is committed to quality at a reasonable price. We offer a variety of cleaning service packages for you to choose from.

Especially this Christmas, there will be many attractive offers if you use our service. Contact us now for the best services!